Q. We have a mountain of paper! Can you help organize it?
A. Yes, we provide to you at no charge the forms and barcodes that you may need. Also free of charge is the transfer of your documents or records from your current storage location to our facility. If you need our help in boxing and labeling your data, we can do that, too, for a fee.

Barcode Tracking

Computerized Barcoding & Tracking - Hansen Records Management uses RS-SQL records management software, the most advanced barcode tracking/inventory technology software available, to manage your inventory. RS-SQL features departmental reporting and invoicing and can create a variety of management reports in any data format you choose.


  • Secure and confidential off-site storage
  • Computerized barcode tracking
  • Complete access, storage and retrieval
  • Scheduled pick-up and delivery
  • Destruction of authorized files
  • No hidden charges
  • Free initial transfer